Gators Win 2017 FSC Race Cup at Beaver Creek 


The Gators claimed the FSC Race Cup on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.


Congratulations to our winning racing team led by Race Captain Paul Nappi!



Richard "Dick" Miller 

Jacob Shubov 

Karl Taylor

Denise Taylor 

Alina Shubov

Louise Saelzer


Gator individual winners (from a field of all eligible FSC racers) include:



Age 20-29 Robert Johnson

Age 30-39 Jacob Shubov

Age 60-69 Richard Miller 



Age 30-39 Alina Shubov

Age 40-49 Denise Taylor



Richard "Dick" Miller



Denise Taylor 



ET Strickland


Gators who would have won if they were Florida residents (required by FSC rules):

Lara Walkoff - Fastest time of all women racers

Robert Johnson - Fastest man age 21-29


Thank you to all Gators who raced:

  • Bill Dwyer
  • Beau Strickland - 2 Bronze Epic Mix Medals
  • Brad Cornelsen
  • David Mattson - Bronze Epic Mix Medal
  • Derek Dethlefsen
  • Bruce Holtzman
  • ET Strickland - Silver Epic Mix Medal
  • Jacob Shubov - Silver Epic Mix Medal
  • Jeffrey Trewhella
  • Derek Dethlefsen
  • Karl Taylor - Silver Epic Mix Medal
  • Kevin Rohrer - 2 Bronze Epic Mix Medals
  • Dick Miller - 1 Gold Epic Mix Medal and 1 Silver Epic Mix Medal
  • Richard Wennet - 2 Bronze Epic Mix Medals
  • Robert Johnson - Bronze Epic Mix Medal
  • Roger Bishop
  • Alina Shubov - 2 Bronze Epic Mix Medals
  • Denise Taylor - 1 Silver Epic Mix Medal and 1 Bronze Epic Mix Medal
  • Lara Walkoff - 2 Bronze Epic Mix Medals
  • Louise Saelzer

We will honor the Gator racers at the March General Meeting.


FSC race results plaque where Gators will be added as 2017 winners: 




Group photo of Club at Beaver Creek for crazy hat and boxer shorts day:





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