Apples To Apples ~ Value of Your Ski Trips

17 Nov 2013 5:45 PM | Deleted user
You might be comparing the price of our ski trips with those of other clubs, and while it might appear on the surface that their trips cost less than ours ~ they do NOT. Let me address the concerns about trip pricing:

Let's compare Apples to Apples. Gators “Include” lift tickets where others do NOT, which more than makes up the difference in most cases. Also you have to look at air schedules and quality of lodging.

For example, in the case of Ft. Lauderdale's Snowmass trip: their trip does not include lift tickets and they are flying into Denver with a 5 to 6 hour bus ride through 3 Mountain Passes! Gators are flying into EAGLE with a 1 ½ hour bus ride and NO Mountain passes, it DOES includes lift tickets and we are staying at a much more premium property. There is NO comparison!

We even have a $799 5 night ski trip to Keystone this year! (that one did not include lifts as it was an option for 2, 3, or 4 day) But with a 4 day lift it was still only $999!!

So these are just two examples of how our trips give you more BANG for your BUCK! 

We are trying to price trips for all demographics in our club. Low end AND High end. And coming next year (2015) we are going to experiment with "Flexi Trips" (flexible) that allow you to pick your options and price! So where do YOU want to go? Let me know because it's time to get bizzy!!

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