Did not apply to be a trip Leader

05 May 2018 3:21 PM | Anonymous


Our club is one of the most accessible institutions in the Florida Ski Council when it comes to leadership positions.  We have term limits an numerous other bylaws which prevent the officers and trip leaders from remaining at any position ad infinitum.  The requirements for leadership are simple: Willing, able, and honest.  If you are organized, that is a big plus.  experience? You will have enough soon enough.


A trip leader is nominated based on qualifications and experience by the VP of Ski for a leadership positions to the board.   After examination of the candidates credentials, the board will confirm or decline the nominations. At this point, the VP of ski presents an alternative candidate and so on until the positions are filled.


We are often criticized  because some of our leaders lack experience, history, or expertise in a particular subject.    That is the price we are willing to pay to make sure that  every member that whishes to get involved has the opportunity to do so.


Finally, trip leader training and officer training is offered by the board.


So, if you thought about applying, why didn't you ? 



  • 10 May 2018 10:36 PM | Anonymous
    I did not apply for two reasons:

    Information on dates, prices of the trips was not revealed
    in a timely manner. So there was not enough time for
    decision making as to the interest in leading the trip.

    I was under the impression that there was a bylaw/rule that you could not lead a trip for a benefit/comp if you were a BOD member or if you had lead a trip in the previous year. Have we officially changes this bylaw ?
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