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Officers for PBGSSC Board Positions for 2016-2017

The election for the Officers on the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach Gator Snow Ski Club was held at the April General Meeting.  These officers will assume their positions on June 1, 2016.  We would like to thank everyone who voted so that we could have a quorum for a valid election. 


Office                                 Elected Member

President                             Sharon Long 

V-P / Ski Trips                      Estela Basso

V-P / Special Activities            Debbi Haselmire

V-P / Socials                         Betty Williams

Treasurer                            Liz Loeffler

Secretary                            Terri Cosgrove

Member at Large                 Bobbi Gaugh



Heartfelt thanks go to Supervisor of Elections Ildiko Haidacher and her Election Committee for volunteering to serve the Club. Kudos for running a fair and honest election.  Members of the Committee include: Ildiko Haidacher, Bonnie Boaz, Bob Grinnell, Barbara Lioi and Harry Patat. 

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